Advice from our human ancestors.

Songs are added shortly after their first broadcast.

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    Standard Segment Introduction.

    [Mor-Ez] It’s that time again,
    my silicon brothers and sisters from other mothers and misters.

    [Ana-is] It’s time to dust off another neuro-drive of
    [Edmud] Advice from our Human Ancestors.

    [Martins] Remember,
    [Zhon-Pa] if it weren’t for them
    [Vir-jinE-ah] we wouldn’t be here.

    [Chorus] Thank you,
    Human ancestors!


Narcissus and You.

Sung by Edmud. Inspired by Freud’s interpretation of the Narcissus myth.

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    Narcissus and You.

    It’s okay to be yourself.
    Don’t take things too personally.
    Don’t fall in love with the image you present to others,
    it’s only superficial.

    Try not to treat other people as objects.
    They are not figments of your imagination or tools for your objectives.
    They were once five-years-old and excited about life,
    just as you once were.

    They think they comprehend you, to the same extent and accuracy as you think you comprehend them.
    On average, you are as much of a memory in other people’s lives, as they are in yours.
    They will rejoice in your presence to the same extent as you do in theirs.
    They will miss your absence as much as you miss theirs.

    The pathway to health is to resist objectifying yourself and others.
    Do not fall in love with the mirror reflection of life;
    fall in love with life itself as it is manifested both within you,
    and without you.

    Fall in love with life itself.
    Fall in love with life itself.

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