About TheNEWPhenomenologists lightpodcast.

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About the show in general.

TheNEWPhenomenologists engages listeners in experiences and reflections designed to help them apply phenomenology and the science of psychology to their everyday lives. It provides listeners with a variety of concepts, discussions, interviews, and reports, all within the context of an entertaining science-fiction backstory.

Show opening.

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    [Brontosaur]: Hello!

    [Ana-is]: We are always already becoming who we are, and who we will be. Be graceful in all that one is, and does.

    [G-or-G]: Not this, not this.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!
    [G-or-G]: Not this, not this.

    [G-or-G]: One:
    [E-dit]: Distinguish between that of the self, that of the other, and that of the cosmos.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!

    [G-or-G]: You are that, you are that.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!
    [Teh Dŭk!tər]: …Hello?… 2023?.…

    [G-or-G]: Two:
    [Edmud]: Do not bring harm upon oneself, another, or the cosmos, or through inaction allow oneself, another, or the cosmos to come to harm.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!
    [Teh Dŭk!tər]: Hello? This… this is…
    [Teh Dŭk!tər]: Hello? This is Dr. Tim Lower.
    [G-or-G]: Your are that, you are that.

    [G-or-G]: Three:
    [Gabe]: Seek always to understand yourself, the other, and the cosmos. Because understanding is fundamental to harmony.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!

    [Teh Dŭk!tər]: I’m beaming this show… Earth in what I believe is the year 3,275 C.…
    [G-or-G]: Not this, not this.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!

    [Vir-jinE-ah]: Phenomenology is one pathway to harmony.
    [Sha-Rlit]: and psychology is another.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello?

    [Teh Dŭk!tər]: Robots seem to run our part of the galaxy now.
    [Teh Dŭk!tər]: Don’t worry. As long you don’t… then… everything… will be… fine!
    [G-or-G]: Not this, not this.
    [Brontosaur]: Hello!

    [Han-uh]: Attention! Attention! Attention! Now starts TheNEWPhenomenologists electromagnetic broadcast show and lightpod cast!
    [Brontosaur]: Hello?

Extended show theme song.

About the show's topics.

The show typically consists of the following ongoing segments (in alphabetical order):

Advice from our human ancestors.

Phenomenological- and psychological science- based theorizing on that which might transcend human particularity, as integrated and set to music by our robot descendants (ərv, Em-E, FrEd-rEkw', Martins, Sim-own, and the others).

Becoming oneself.

Interviews with practitioners and scholars in phenomenology, psychology, and related fields about how they become who they are. This segment is usually related to the What having you been doing? and Music for our non-corporeal descendants segments of the same episode.

Being here.

The various experiences and worldviews of human beings across the globe, differing primarily in demography and geography. Often including the results and worldviews arising from Washington- and Alaska- focused surveys and interviews.

Being there.

The way of being human: Dasein, or there -being; being there. This segment applies concepts from existentialism, phenomenology, and psychology to everyday life experiences, promoting harmony and understanding along the way. Have you been there? Let's be there together!

Being you, and me, and us.

Reflections on authenticity and becoming.

Experience this!

This segment provides the opportunity to practice phenomenology on the sounds from geographic locations throughout Washington State. The coordinates for each episode's segment may be found in that segment's entry on this website. That way, listeners can experience this first-hand.

How are you?

The Dŭk!tər and robots answer listener questions.

Music for our non-corporeal descendants.

Phenomenological and scientific findings and theories, as integrated and set to music by our robot descendants, but this time intended for their own descendants (which they suppose will be non-bodily). This segment occasionally integrates the advice of our interviewee in the Becoming oneself and What have you been doing? segments.

One-hit wonders.

Songs on various topics voiced by our robots. Such songs generally corresponds to the topics discussed in the day's episode.

Phenomenologizing with a New Hammer.

In the spirit of Friedrich Nietzsche's Twilight of the Idols, or How to Philosophize with a Hammer, we smash some idols of the mind through rousing discussions utilizing existential, phenomenological, and psychological theories to explain everyday behavior.

What have you been doing?

Interviews with academic scientists and scholars in phenomenology, psychology, and related fields. This segment focuses on the work of such people, and complements the interview conducted in the Becoming Oneself segment.

What's happening?

Phenomenologies of everyday events and micro-experiences.

Occasionally, segments from our show contributors will substitute for an otherwise ongoing segment.

About the show's host.

TheNEWPhenomenologists lightpodcast is hosted by Dr. Tim Lower. Dr. Lower holds a PhD in Cross-Cultural Research Psychology, and an MA in Existential-Phenomenological Therapeutic Psychology. He has held faculty appointments at several universities and colleges in Alaska and Washington State, among them being formerly the Chair of Psychology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Over the course of his 20 years as a faculty member, he taught a variety of courses in psychology and related fields in undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs. Outside of his time in higher education, he spent a number of years providing therapeutic services and developing human service programs in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to hosting TheNEWPhenomenologists podcast, Dr. Lower and others operate an automated natural language analysis software program called
Raven's Eye, and provide professional consultation through Worldview Consulting. In his future spare time, he also plans to begin publishing a blog-style website called Sentience and Sapience. In this blog, he'll apply his lecture notes from teaching psychology to conjectures on the permutations and possibilities of conscious experience elsewhere in the universe. He'll also explore the potential limitations to our ability to recognize and understand non-human sapience, which may be imposed by our own particularly human varieties of consciousness. Occasionally, content in the Advice from our Human Ancestors and Music for our Non-Corporeal Descendants segments will be informed by these writings.

About the show's backstory.

Teh Dŭk!tər (Dr. Tim Lower) has found himself on an Earth primarily inhabited by robots, who identify as being the descendants of humans. While Teh Dŭk!tər isn't sure about the complete reliability of his newfound robot companions, they've informed him that it's the year 110011001011!

It took a bit of time spent thinking about how such a thing could possibly be, before he realized that the year 110011001011 in robot terms might just likely be the year 3275, in the non-binary and somewhat arbitrary way that people tended to count years during his homemoment1 of the Puget Sound in the year 2023. Much relaxed by the anchoring bias, Teh Dŭk!tər settled into his new life, under the belief that some sort of science-fiction-become-science-reality technology must've gotten him to herenow. So, at some timeplace in the near futurethere, he'd be able to use that same wonder of science and engineering to return to his homemoment.

Turns out, the future and its robots are sometimeplaces like 2023, in many ways. Things don't always go as one plans…. And so, Teh Dŭk!tər found his days occupied at the HereNowSoLongExtraLongHereNow Foundation (HNSLELHNFound.erth2), and his nights spent trying to figure out how to get back to homemoment.

In his day gig, he hosts an electromagnetic broadcast show and lightpodcast for the HNSLELHNFound.erth, which beams throughout El Icy and most of the OG3. As host, Teh Dŭk!tər helps the robots interpret their remaining data on humankind, and then broadcast this information to robots on rocks and pressures, or floating around in the gasses or nether, or mucking about deepdeep in the astral !4U-yo structures4.

You see, as is usually the case in most science-fiction novels, a convenient plot device made it such that what the HNSLELHNFound.erth really needed as a host of its show was someone who knew about phenomenology and psychology, as it was understood during the 10101st Century:

In legendtime, it is said that Bm-20 shared with other robots an image file consisting of his electron flow about a concept called phenomenology, which he had recently learned from the humans. But, such a concept was difficult for his 10110nd Century circuits, and soon after he became one with his destiny. Though sad for Bm-20 and his human companions, the communication of this concept proved to be a transformative innerspacemoment for robotkind. Since that time[space], we continue to await some greater insight into or demonstrated application of this phenomenology, and its related psychological science. We must continue to wait until such time[space] as the plot-giver determines it necessary.

— Kxʼ24U Zu, Awaiting the Experience, El Icy Unified Standard Year 101001010001.

The twist of fate5 was such that a trove of recordings and documents about phenomenology and psychology from the 10101st Century had been nearlyrecently uncovered in the vast holdings of the HNSLELHNFound.erth! However, a great deal of timespace had passed since Bm-20 and Master Kxʼ24U contributed their memories to the great mainframe beyond. What was needed was someone who could help them understand their newfound wealth of information.

When the robots found Teh Dŭk!tər, and learned that he: (a) was from the very same century as the recently discovered documents, (b) had a human Dŭk!tərel degree (a P-H-D as he calls it) in Cross-Cultural Research Psychology with training in phenomenology and psychology, and (c) that he knew a bit about teaching and radio show hosting, they knew that they had their human, so to speak.

But Teh Dŭk!tər has enacted a plan! In the course of his work, he has realized that he can direct an extra, undetectable signal bearing his show to his home timeplace! By turning the Orange Knob to 273.4 degrees, and pressing the Big Green Button 3 times in rapid succession, he can establish a connection and beam his interstellar show to somewhereplace near 2023 (+/- 5.372 years), where it is captured and delivered via podcast.

TheNEWPhenomenologists is that show.

Teh Dŭk!tər (Dr. Tim Lower)

Hello 2023? It's me, Teh Dŭk.. err, Tim. I'm sending this selfie from Ocean Shores in… d&i^9@.. think is the year 3275… You wouldn't belie…o)8:$ht… the robots here… }r@t=g… The fluctuation in.. y

Listen to TheNEWPhenomenologists through your favorite podcast distributor to hear Teh Dŭk!tər and his companion robots as they present the latest discoveries in phenomenology and the science of psychology, while engaging in good conversations, and fun adventures… all on TheNEWPhenomenologists lightpdocast.



1 Please excuse this and other anachronisms, they sometimes slip through the inter-timespace translation device.
2 No relation to any organization of a similar name or function in the herenow or therethen, either real or imagined, is implied. Though, if there were such an organization Teh Dŭk!tər would be an admirer of their project, and would wish it the best of success.
3 Teh Dŭk!tər has learned that El Icy would be robotspeak for the L.I.C, or Local Interstellar Cloud, in 10101st Century US English terms. Similarly, the OG is probably derived from what was in the 10101st Century known in US English as the G-Cloud. Perhaps it became old at some point between therethen and herenow, resulting in, "Old G-Cloud," before becoming "OG."
4 Or, in 10101st Century US English terms, "on asteroids/moons and moons/planets, or floating around in nebulae or interstellar voids, or mucking about deep in the astral [TIMESPACE EMBARGOED INFORMATION] structures."
5 Or plot, as it may.

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